Purist Gin

Contract distilled in Scotland by Distillutions.

During the first lockdown in the UK, 22-year-old Bruce Walker created Purist Gin, as his original idea of making bespoke gins for small retailers, bars, and restaurants ground to a halt as lockdown kicked in. Six months in, The gin won a Bronze Medal in the ‘Best London Dry Gin’ Category at the Scottish Gin Awards.   Purist Gin was born with art in mind and when you purchase a bottle of Purist Gin you are also supporting independent artists

Purist Gin has a light orange and cassia spice on the nose, which develops in the mouth to a more rounded classic juniper and coriander with yuzu peel flavours bursting through as it mellows out into a sweet orange aftertaste lingering briefly before the pallet is left refreshed.   The distillery uses a single-shot process and almond powder to really mellow out the ethanol and bind it with rich botanicals to provide not only a smooth gin but one which is light in the mouth.


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