Lind and Lime

Distilled in Scotland

Port of Leith Distillery

First Produced


Still Type

Genio 500 Litre Stainless Stee

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Lind and Lime

  The Lind and Lime Story

You probably know Lind and Lime Gin best by the iconic glass bottle, but the producers – The Port of Leith Distillery – will soon be known for their iconic building. The team have been working for 8 years to build a major new vertical whisky distillery in Edinburgh, with a very modern approach to spirit production. In the meantime, they decided to make a gin that looked back and told stories about the remarkable heritage of Leith and Edinburgh where they are based.

With so many wild and wonderful styles of gin out there, they thought it would be interesting to try and go back to creating a benchmark style of London Dry Gin, with juniper at its core. Citrus was the other key flavour for this style, and inspired by local heritage and history they decided to use lime. The team debated a further element to balance it out, and added pink peppercorns to give a spicy, earthy note to the gin.

The name celebrates James Lind, an Edinburgh doctor who first discovered that citrus fruits prevent scurvy. His story is utterly fascinating and you can read it and the other stories associated with Lind and Lime Gin here.

That’s not the only great story behind Lind and Lime. It is produced using 100% clean electricity, packaged with 100% plastic-free materials and distilled with almost 100% organic ingredients. Isn’t that good?

Undoubtedly, it’s the bottle that attracts the most attention about Lind & Lime, but it’s the quality of the spirit inside that brings the loyal fans back for more!

  Key Botanicals

  • Juniper
  • Lime Peel
  • Pink Peppercorns
  • Coriander Seeds
  • Orris Root
  • Angelica Root
  • Liquorice Root

  Tasting Notes

When drunk neat, it has a remarkably smooth and creamy texture with juniper and a gentle citrus note, but it’s the pink peppercorns that linger on the finish.

Adding tonic, or indeed diluting the spirit in any way, releases the lime that has been bound up.

Fresh, bright citrus now dominates the aroma, and on the palate, it is the perfect balance of juniper and dry, crisp lime with a gentle pink peppercorn spice.

The team suggest you keep it simple. Fill a hi-ball with large ice cubes and mix 1 part gin to 2 parts tonic (like Fever-Tree, Schweppes Premium Crips Tonic or Bon Accord). A slice of lime for a garnish. Nice!


  Key Personnel

  • Andy Colman – Distiller
  • Vicky Muir-Taylor – Distiller
  • Sam Travers – Assistant Distiller
  • Hannah Michell – UK Sales
  • Ranald Clark – International Sales
  • Ian Stirling – Founder/Co-CEO
  • Paddy Fletcher – Founder/Co-CEO


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