House of Botanicals – Old Tom

Compound Gin

House of Botanicals Old Tom is made by compounding saffron and chamomile, both of which originate from Morocco, finished with muscovado sugar due to the fact that when this sweetened style first came to be sugar was a lot less refined.

All House of Botanicals Old Toms are bottled at 47% abv in homage to Old Tom himself, Thomas Chamberlain, the head distiller at the Hodge’s Distillery who used to bottle his ‘particular’ 47.4%. Chamberlain’s particular was the celebrated style of compounded and lightly sweetened gin that gave its name to the category of Old Tom, long before London Dry came to be.

The gins are all produced in a two part process, firstly distilled in London and then further compounded with natural botanicals at the House of Botanicals in Aberdeen.



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