GlenWyvis GoodWill Scottish Gin

Distilled in Scotland

GlenWyvis Distillery

First Produced


Still Type

Copper Pot still – 400 litres

  The GlenWyvis GoodWill Scottish Gin Story

The story of GlenWyvis GoodWill Gin is one of pride, passion and community spirit. Originally, GlenWyvis Gin was contract-distilled for the company by a distillery in Shetland. However, the goal was always to bring the art of distilling back to Dingwall after the last whisky distillery there closed in 1926. So, inspired by the area’s rich whisky history, local farmer, John F Mckenzie came up with plans to launch Scotland’s first-ever community-owned distillery.

With the help of a crowdfunding campaign, more than 3,000 investors became members of the distillery and funded the purchase and installation of their own gin still, Heather, at the new, purpose-built distillery in the heart of Dingwall. And that’s not all that is special about GlenWyvis Distillery. It is also a pioneer of sustainable distilling, using clean and renewable wind, hydro, solar and biomass energy to power their operations.

For their first spirit, they used the same botanicals as GlenWyvis Gin but changed the ratios and distillation methodology to create GlenWyvis GoodWill Gin.

In the community-owned distillery, the gin still is a steam-heated 400 litre Pot Still with a 4.8-metre-high column. The distillery team soak the botanicals in the neutral spirit within the still for 24 hours to impart their flavours into the spirit prior to distillation. All spirit is reduced with water distilled through the same still. And they also do all our bottling and labelling themselves on-site in Dingwall.

The result is a gin that not only tastes amazing but is a testimony to the power of community spirit in the highlands of Scotland!

  Key Botanicals

  • Juniper Berries

  • Hawthorn Berries

  • Lemon Peel

  • Orange Peel

  • Cinnamon Stick

  Tasting Notes

On the Nose – Reminiscence of forest walks as the scent – guided by the Juniper – leads you through an alpine forest. Fresh blooms can be sensed as the floral bouquet prolongs the forest feel. The aromas of Mediterranean orange groves and freshly prepared lemon zest are never far away.

In the Mouth – Clean, crisp citrus fruits are at first refreshing, and then gives way to a deeper complexity. It is now that the rich spice of orris root, coriander and cinnamon come through in the full, whilst smooth creamy almond helps to create a finely balanced taste.

To Finish – Lastly, the tongue enjoys the satisfying citrus and spice sizzle. While, at the back of the palate, there is a creamy ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ sensation to enjoy. Throughout, this complex combination remains smooth, clean, and fresh.

The team at GlenWyvis recommend you enjoy GoodWill Gin in this perfect serve:

  • 25ml of GoodWill Gin
  • 25ml of Tonic
  • Several cubes of ice
  • Garnish with: Toasted Orange Peel to encourage the citrus botanicals and also Bruised Coriander to bring out the spice side.


  • Cask Matured GoodWill Quercus Alba Gin
  • Christmas GoodWill Spiced Gin

  Key Personnel

  • Duncan Tait, Distillery Manager
  • Josh Fraser, Office Manager
  • Michael Fraser, Business Development Manager
  • Craig MacRitchie, Distillery Assistant

  The Scottish Gin Society verdict

GoodWill Gin is the result of community pride and passion in the town of Dingwall and that passion shines through in the complex but pleasingly smooth structure of the gin. It gives a classic juniper-led aroma with good hints of the citrus you’ll experience on tasting. That fresh, bright citrus is the first sensation you notice in the flavour, giving way to wonderful warm spice. A lovely balanced gin and devine when tried with tonic and a twist of orange.

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