G.H.Q. Gin

Contract distilled in Scotland

The Lost Loch Distillery

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G.H.Q. Gin

  The G.H.Q. Gin Story

Inspired by a love of books and movies, and stories from his granny of when she was a dispatch rider in the second world war, James McNeill, founder of GHQ Spirits wanted to create a nod to the past.  A time when people faced absolute horror, but banded together and got through it with the aid of a good stiff drink at the end of the day. A time of community and friendship, when people supported each other in the face of adversity by being there. Folding the art of conversation back into our everyday lives and slowing the pace down and appreciating who and what surrounds us. Putting these elements together, James came up with the ingredients for G.H.Q. gin!

With a background in Architecture, retail and international music promotion James was about to develop a new site in the City of London as G.H.Q. with its own brand lead spirits when the pandemic broke out.  So he flipped the business plan on its head and set out to create the gin in Scotland (knowing the Scottish are world leaders in this field!) With ancestors from Angus and Forfarshire, he looked in the North East and found the perfect distillery in Aberdeenshire to produce G.H.Q Gin.

  Key Botanicals

  • Lemongrass

  • Kaffir Lime Leaf

  • Black Pepper

  Tasting Notes

Juniper, Citrus & spice

Best served with a good quality tonic, ice and a wedge of lime.

Or straight from the freezer as a great sipping gin.

  Key Personnel

  • James McNeill, Founder


  The Scottish Gin Society verdict

A top-secret Scottish Gin, we were left guessing as to the exact botanicals in G.H.Q Gin. A nicely balanced crisp, dry gin, with juniper to the fore and a pleasing warmth from the spices. The addition of tonic and lime really brings out the citrus tang, giving you a glass full of pure pleasure. But remember – ssshhhhh! It’s a secret…

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