Firkin Gin

Distilled in Scotland by Leith Stillroom.

Firkin Gin is created using a premium small batch London Dry style gin recipe that is rested in Oak casks for several weeks, or not as the signature Firkin is bottled straight from the still. During the resting time of the cask finished gins, the colour of the gin changes and the flavours of the cask infuse the gin.


  • Firkin Gin
  • Firkin Cask Aged Islay Finish Gin
  • Firkin Cask Aged Port Finish Gin
  • Firkin Cask Aged Sherry Finish Gin
  • Firkin 1000 Day Cask Aged Finish Gin
  • Firkin Try Me Naked! Gin
  • Firkin Rosie Gin
  • Firkin Yuletide Old Tom Gin
  • Firkin Blue Gin
  • Firking Old Tom Gin


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