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80L & 250L almbeck copper pot stills

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  The el:gin Story

The sign of a true craft gin is that no two batches will ever be exactly the same and this can be said of el:gin, a Scottish Gin that was the brainchild of two whisky distillery managers who also happened to be gin enthusiasts.  Their aim was to create a spirit that would entice a new market of non-gin drinkers and convert them to gin. And so they set about creating a gin that would have subtle fruitiness and a soft creamy finish.

So, drawing upon their joint experience of over 25 years in the distilling industry, the long experiment began. They were keen to use local botanicals that grow wild in Speyside, Moray and their Findrassie estate. Several long months were spent experimenting in order to create the perfect gin that would encapsulate the beauty and majesty of the surrounding area, better known for its malt whisky production. Coming up with a name for the gin was an easier process, with the distillery being situated in a private estate, just outside Elgin, Moray (do you see what they did?).

el:gin has an original and unique style being the first gin to use Local Scottish oats in its full range along with the wonderful combination of locally grown fruits from the Moray Firth coastline. el:gin is distilled, bottled and labelled by hand on-site at the distillery on the stunning Findrassie estate.

  Key Botanicals

  • Locally grown Scottish oats
  • Locally grown coastal soft fruits strawberries, raspberries
  • Locally grown Apples
  • Juniper
  • Orange peel

  Tasting Notes

On the nose el:gin original has an appearance of fresh summer fruits with a subtle creaminess from the local oats. When tasted, it has an unmistakeable crisp clean bite of highland berries followed by a soft cream-like finish

El-gin original is a very diverse spirit that is great served alongside a range of dishes including salmon, meats,  deserts &can be added to the preparation of dishes such as curing salmon and other fish to combining with sorbets and syrups.

el:gin original gin is best served with a good choice of tonic, garnished with fresh apple & raspberry.


  • el:gin speyside heather honey 40% 700ml
  • el:gin gingle gin (seasonal) 40% 500ml
  • el:gin cherry (limited) 43% 700ml
  • Moray Mocha Gin Liqueur 25% 500ml
  • Moray Berry Gin Liqueur 25% 500ml

  Key Personnel

  • Leah Miller-  Director / CEO
  • Gary Grant – Brand Director
  • Kelly Jack – Distiller


  The Scottish Gin Society verdict

As yet, the Scottish Gin Society team haven’t tried this craft Scottish Gin, so we’re unable to give you a verdict, but we hope to change that soon, as the sound of a gin created with Scottish oats and local soft fruit sounds divine.

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