Gin Review

Alexander’s Gin

Designed to be a sipping gin, you can imagine it is incredibly smooth, but given the incredible summer we have had, this is a refreshing long G&T served with a slice of pink grapefruit that sits wonderfully alongside the oranges.

Alexander’s Gin was inspired by an orange-based juniper drink that Fred Stockton, brand owner of Alexander’s tasted on a far-flung beach. This taste and memory lingered on as Fred returned to Scotland. He never got the name of his host that shared the drink, so decided on Alexander, and Alexander’s Gin was born.

Fred has a background in brewing, so engaged with The Lost Loch team to collaborate and create this citrus-forward gin. Oranges are key to this London Dry Gin, along with Royal Deeside honey and many other botanicals that are balanced beautifully.

Botanicals: Juniper, Orange, Deeside Honey

Tasting notes:

On the nose: juniper led with hints of orange

On the palate: warming, sweet notes and orange but not marmaladey orange

On the finish: opens up with the addition of tonic, making it long and refreshing.

Recommended to be sipped or enjoyed with a slice of pink grapefruit, tonic and ice.

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