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Tasting notes

McGin is a refreshing and fruity gin with predominant flavours of blackberry and floral notes from rosehip. Juniper provides a backdrop for the other notes to take centre stage. 

Sweet and fruity on the nose from the liquorice and blackberry leaf, these flavours are also present to taste on the palate. Floral bursts of rosehip then develop, followed by earthy notes to finish. 

As a G&T it’s refreshing, with the rosehip more predominant joined by berry undercurrents. Citrus is more vibrant here, with an almost candied, sherbet-like finish.

Given the flavour profile, it’s probably a good entry gin for newcomers exploring the category.



McGin uses eight botanicals. These are:

  • juniper
  • rosehip
  • blackberry leaf
  • angelica root
  • lemon peel
  • orange peel
  • coriander
  • liquorice


As with any gin, serving is down to personal preference. To help you on your way McGin suggest the following garnish options:

  • Lemon and grapefruit
  • Lemon and rosemary
  • Chilli, ginger and lemon

Serve with plenty of ice and a premium classic tonic.


The story

McGin was founded by Celeste McGinn (hence the name). After 25 years owning pubs she wanted to create a gin which appealed to gin lovers and those new to the juniper spirit alike. She’d seen first-hand the rise in popularity in the category, with consumers increasingly asking the range of gins and tonics available in her bars. 

A proud Glaswegian, Celeste turned to the nearby The Glasgow Distillery Co. (the team behind the excellent Makar brand) to create her gin.

About the author

Euan Harris is founder of From the Gin Shelf. Read more of his Scottish gin reviews.

Free 5cl sample provided for this review. Views that of the author. 

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