Gin Review

Seven Crofts Gin

This is a perfectly balanced gin that makes a great G&T – we think this could become a real classic.

Seven Crofts from the Highland Liquor Company, based in Ullapool has been five years in the planning and after eighteen months of development and testing a staggering ninety-six recipes, to get there. The team initially launched the ‘Experimental Series’ and used the results of the tasting of these gins to craft the final flavour profile of Seven Crofts.

Seven Crofts is made of a lucky seven key botanicals. While the team were keen to use locally grown botanicals, getting the exact flavour they were after meant opting for more exotic ones, such as pink peppercorn and fresh lemon peel.

The recommended serve is a premium tonic and slice of orange, so we did that, but first, we tried it neat.

On the nose: juniper forward, with a hint of sweetness

On the palate: piney juniper, giving way to spicier notes

On the finish: dry, long, refreshing with fruity notes, complementing the spice.

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