G.H.Q. Gin

Contract distilled in Scotland by The Lost Loch Distillery.

When creating a classic London Dry Gin, James, founder of GHQ decided there was no point in trying to reinvent the wheel – so he turned to Tanqueray as a classic London Dry and used their recipe and added Lemongrass and Kaffir Lime leaf along with a couple of other botanicals.  This has produced a juniper lead gin, which has a beautiful citrus nose, very smooth and can be drunk neat or with a quality mixer.  It is well balanced and triggers the key sensory points on the tongue when tasting.  It’s a very refreshing drink and one that can be enjoyed after a tough days work or a languid summer day.  People are having to rethink what normal is and the art of conversation is coming back along with small social gatherings and cocktail parties.  It’s a nod to what was great in the past.


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