The rise and rise of Scottish Gin

As ever, The Scottish Gin Society team have been keeping an ear to the ground (and an eye on our screens) to learn about and document any new Scottish Gins appearing on the market. And making sure our A-Z of Scottish Gin and Distillery Map of Scotland are as up to date as they can be.

But it’s no mean feat, keeping up with the seemingly endless list of new Scottish Gin brands appearing on the market. Many of these are brand new gins and some are gins that were previously made elsewhere but are now distilled in Scotland. And that’s not even mentioning the numerous new expressions of Scottish Gins hitting our shelves.

Over 90 Scottish distilleries

So far in 2019, we’ve recorded over 20 new gin brands and added 18 new distilleries that have opened their doors this year alone. Tyree Gin, Isle of Barra and Whitetail are now all distilling on their island home, and some other well-known gin brands opened their doors fulfilling their distillery dreams this spring and summer. 

When we started recording distillery and gin brand numbers in 2016, we would never have imagined the number of distilleries would have trebled and the actual number of Scottish Gins would more than quadruple in just 3 years. By the end of this year, there will be more than 90 distilleries in Scotland producing gin. 

How long can it continue?

Being at the heart of the Scottish Gin community in Scotland, we know how collaborative and innovative the industry is, but with so many new names coming on board, the question has to be asked: how much longer can the industry sustain this rate of growth? And what is the effect on the Scottish Gin category as a whole? 

There has long been debate about when the gin bubble will burst, however, contrary to many predictions, the industry seems to continue to flourish. Many brands are looking at new ways to grow their distribution in a crowded market, including innovative new product development, export opportunities and partnerships.

A clear picture

In the coming months, The Scottish Gin Society will be looking deeper into the trends and effects happening within the burgeoning industry and speaking to key players, large and small, to bring a clear picture of the mindset within the Scottish Gin community and we’ll be sharing this with you in due course.

Scottish Gin Society Founder, Stephen White said:

“The Scottish Gin Society Team have continued to log the growth in the Scottish Gin sector this year. At the end of 2018, I predicted that 2019 would be just as busy as last year – I wasn’t wrong! But what now? We’re going to be gathering in-depth information and opinion from within the industry, to hopefully present a robust picture of Scottish Gin in 2019 – where it is and where it’s going. As ever, we expect it to be an exciting ride!”

So, here’s a measure of how busy 2019 has been, below are the Scottish Gins we have added to our records (in no particular order). As always, we work hard to verify where each of the gins is distilled, speak to the producers and get a bit of the background story. There are a few we’re still following up, so watch this space for even more!

The Scottish Gin Society is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to promote and celebrate the Scottish Gin category and bring an entertaining and accurate picture of the market to gin lovers around the world. We hope our online A-Z gives you some great inspiration for your next Scottish Gin & mixer.

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